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Some Observations On Ergonomic Desks

Ergonomic office furniture promotes the workers health and productivity:

The problems related to the use of computers means a load to the neck-shoulder and trunk muscles as the head and the arms must be kept is proper positions for typing and operations with mouse. This can result in carpal tunnel syndrome and other problems like "white finger" as strains to the wrist and fingers can occur.

The height adjustable tables and chairs help in the neck-shoulder and back pain as well as in the problems of viewing the screen. The benefits of the height adjustable furniture are quickly realised when compared to expenses created from work absenteeism and a reduced level of work productivity.

Ergonomic school furniture promotes children’s and teachers health:

The size of the school children varies greatly and their growths rates as well. The present day students have different measures from those of previous generations. The present standards do not take this into account. Usually the students cannot sit and work properly, and this causes them to have a number of symptoms.

By using height adjustable furniture these symptoms begin to disappear and even the stature when standing seems better as the kyphosis, scoliosis and even the lumbar curvature normalises. These positive changes take place even after the cessation of the growth. Also the work of teachers becomes more ergonomic and easier. Students get better marks in their exams. The adjustable school furniture is also a preventive measure for the future working life of next generations.

Static and dynamic sitting in office work:

The long static sitting hours hamper the blood circulation in the muscles of the neck shoulder, low back and even in legs. In legs, the long sitting may cause swelling and even blood to clot. In unhappy cases the clots travel to heart and lungs as it happens some times after long overseas flights.

In dynamic sitting these problems are avoided as the better blood circulation brings oxygen and nutrients to muscles and other tissues and carries away the wastes which the metabolism always generates. Gymnastics promotes that even more. Computer programs can remind people to break their work and revitalize their tissues.