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Height Adjustable Tables and RSIs

In our society today, the use of computers has become widespread and is considered a daily necessity, whether for work, play, communication, research, and so much more.

Almost every household today have at least one computer and in many offices, computers are constantly being used by different employees.
Unfortunately, with the many computer users today, the risk of repetitive stress injury or RSI is also increasing.
As the name implies, it is a kind of injury cause by doing something repetitive and stressful, such as typing on the keyboard, use of mouse, and so on, which oftentimes manifests on the wrist, hand, fingers, neck, and lower back. It is often in situations like these that a height adjustable table is most useful.
So, what are height adjustable tables? These heavy duty furniture, as the name implies, are sturdy tables that can be adjusted to provide an ergonomic posture while working for long hours. Various RSIs often manifest as a result of taking the wrong posture while working, such as slouching, and having the wrong table height adjustment. The use of an ergonomic table, such as a height adjustable computer table, will minimize the chances of developing RSIs which can have long term consequences.
Basically, an adjustable height table looks just like any ordinary office desk though its legs are made to be adjustable. Typically, each height adjustable table leg is made of steel, for more durability, and features a locking mechanism that will securely hold the table in a desired height, even under a lot of pressure.
There are many kinds of height adjustable desks for sale today, though most do come with spaces for a computer unit. One can find a small rectangular adjustable table which is ideal for use at home.
Special adjustable tables may also be found that are designed for use in special circumstances such as for the use of a 6 foot person or a handicapped person, to name a few.
An adjustable table may also feature different types of adjusting mechanism. For the basic adjustable legs, widely used in many homes, they are manually adjusted and locked into place using built in locking mechanisms.
There is also the crank  type which features a crank that allows the user to easily adjust the table height without having to turn the entire table over. Finally, there’s the electric type which features a switch that allows the user to input the desired height and the table will adjust itself.
Regardless of the choice however, it is certain that a height adjustable table will help reduce injuries and increase comfort and productivity.